1. Attendance pre-requisites: All participants at AMTA courses must have current registration as a: Physiotherapist, Osteopath, Chiropractor, Podiatrist or Medical Practitioner.  Each participant must, at the time of attending the course and for its duration, have their own current and valid Public Liability (of at $10m) and professional indemnity insurances. 
  2. Qualifications: It is your responsibility to ensure you have professional liability insurance to cover you for your attendance at the course and the course content and that you meet the criteria for attending the course.  We may ask you to demonstrate you have appropriate experience or the qualifications required to attend (e.g Physiotherapist, Chiropractor, Osteopath, Sports Doctor or medical practitioner).
  3. Overseas practitioners: Physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, podiatrists and Medical Practitioners from countries other than Australia are eligible to attend the courses, however we recommend you obtain professional indemnity insurance specifically stating you are covered to treat other participants of the course in Australia, for the dates of the course. 
  4. Students are not able to attend any of our courses until you have completed your studies, and are registered with AHPRA. This includes Australian and international students.
  5. Payment: We are unable to hold places for people without payment. To hold your place on a course if being paid by an employer, Hospital, or government body AMTA must receive full payment before your place on a course can be confirmed. We cannot hold places for attendants while payment is being organized, for more than 7 days from booking.
  6. Banking Administration fee: This banking administration fee is additional to and added to each participants’ on line payment at the time of payment and reflects the fee charged to AMTA to service your online payment.
  7. Waiting Lists – Interested participants may place themselves on a waiting list if a course is full by emailing their contact details to office@amta.com.au. If a space becomes available on a course, AMTA will email the first person on the waiting list and allow 24 hours before contacting the next person on the waiting list. We reserve the right to remove any person/s from any waiting list in accordance with the above policy.  
  8. AMTA is a teaching company and does not create bookings with Barbara Hungerford. Please go to www.sspphysio.com.au for details of Sydney Spine & Pelvis Physiotherapy Centre and its locations.