Medical references

These are the suggested reading lists for those attending AMTA courses. These articles will help your knowledge but are not essential pre-reading.

Suggested Reading Lists

Treatment of Pelvis & Lumbar Spine. Level 1: An introduction to muscle energy Techniques

reading_list_treatment_of_pelvis_level_1.pdf reading_list_treatment_of_pelvis_level_1.pdf

The Integrated Pelvis:  A Functional approach to assessment, treatment & stabilisation of the lumbo-pelvic region


Treatment of Cervical and Thoracic Spine and Thoracic Cage

cth_readlist_2016.pdf cth_readlist_2016.pdf 

Retraining Lumbopelvic Stability

retraining_lumbo-pelvic_read_list_16.pdf retraining_lumbo-pelvic_read_list_16.pdf