The Integrated Pelvis:Treatment of Pelvis & Lumbar Spine Level 2

A Functional approach to assessment, treatment & stabilisation of the lumbo-pelvic region

In the past decade research has provided us with a clearer understanding of the biomechanics of the lumbo-pelvic region, and the mechanisms that regulate mobility, and assist load transfer through the lumbo-pelvic region in order to maintain stability during functional activities.

This 2 day practical course reviews current research in lumbo-pelvic anatomy, & biomechanics, in order to provide a biomechanical framework on which to base assessment and treatment of the lumbo-pelvic region. The articular and Muscle Energy Techniques for the lumbar and pelvic articulations (Level 1 course) are reviewed, while appropriate application of manipulation techniques for the pelvis is discussed and practiced.

Integration of myo-fascial techniques and assessment of neural mobility are applied within the biomechanical model for treatment of specific back pain presentations. This is followed by a discussion into the effects of joint dysfunction on muscular activation and motor control. A specific program for rehabilitation of core stability and graded retraining of optimal lumbo-pelvic stabilisation is presented.

  Course Aims:

  • Review anatomy and biomechanics of the pelvis and lumbar spine and the definitions of joint stability and functional load transfer through the lumbo-pelvic region
  • Apply a biomechanical model in order to define dysfunction in the lumbo-pelvic region
  • Present a biomechanical framework as a basis for assessment & differential diagnosis of articular and muscular function in the lumbar spine and pelvic region, and alterations to lumbo-pelvic stability
  • Consider how to assess the effect of altered pelvic muscle activation on the hip joint
  • Provide practical sessions during which muscle energy and articular techniques for specific Musculo-skeletal dysfunctions of the lumbar spine, pubic symphysis and sacroiliac joints are taught.
  • Discuss the application of specific manipulation techniques for the sacroiliac joint, with practical application
  • Discuss and apply assessment techniques to diagnose true instability of the Pubic symphysis and SIJ in comparison to functional insufficiency of pelvic stability
  • Integrate myo-fascial techniques, neural mobilisation, and SINGS techniques as part of a wholistic approach to treatment of the lumbo-pelvic-hip region
  • Application of a specific exercise program for retraining lumbo-pelvic stability

 Pre-requisite: Previous attendance at Level 1 Treatment of the Pelvis & Lumbar spine course

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Integrated Pelvis: Level 2 Pelvis & Lumbar spine

 Brisbane *

 Sat 30-31 July 2016



Joanne and Peter Saxton

 Integrated Pelvis

 Singapore **

22-23 Aug 2016


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