Course Presenters:

Barbara Hungerford

PhD, B.App.Sci (Physiotherapy, MAPA, SMA)

Barbara Hungerford, is the Director of Advanced Manual Therapy Associates and Sydney Spine & Pelvis Physiotherapy Centre. She has been a physiotherapist for over 30 years. Her inspiration to improve her own ability to treat peoples back and pelvic led her to extensive study and research including a PhD that investigated the alteration of pelvic biomechanics and muscle recruitment in association with pelvic dysfunction. This was accepted in 2002 and she has since published this research in International Peer reviewed journals (link to amta).

Barbara has been providing courses in Manual Therapy, motor control and exercise rehabilitation since 1995. These courses have evolved with the latest evidence provided by research, as well as recognising the needs of practitioners to improve their diagnostic and hands on skills toward achieving the best treatment outcomes


Peta Gosbee

M. Physiotherapy, B.App.Sci (Ex. Sports Sci)

Peta holds a degree in Exercise & Sports Science and a Masters (Physiotherapy). Peta has worked with Barb Hungerford at SSP Physiotherapy for 6 years and over this time has evolved her interests in the treatment of the pelvis and lower limb injuries, pregnancy related issues, sports specific motor control and muscle retraining. She has also been incremental in creating classes designed to improve cervico-thoracic and upper limb control and advanced lumbo-pelvic control for SSP Physiotherapy. In the past 2 years she has been working with Barb to create a course that integrates the techniques of myofascial release, visceral and neurofascial  releases for the lower quadrant that we presently incorporate into our practice at SSP Physiotherapy. We are excited this new course will be available in 2014

Peta has assisted Barb Hungerford on all courses at AMTA course for 5 years and presently teaches on the Lumbo-Pelvic Rehabilitation course and the Myofascial Release for lumbo-pelvic region, hip and Lower limb course.


Liz Noad

M. Physiotherapy, B.App.Sci (Ex. Sports Science), Dip Massage Therapy

Liz Noad graduated with a Masters of Physiotherapy (Griffith University) after previously completing degrees in Exercise and Sports Science and Massage Therapy. Liz has worked alongside Barb Hungerford at SSP Physiotherapy for 2 years and has brought her skills with muscle, myofascial and neurofascial releases into her approach for treatment of difficult back, pelvic, hip and thoracic issues. Together with Barb, she has helped to create a variety of approaches to unwind maladaptive patterns in the body so that patients can then progress into an efficient pattern of core control and stability retraining. Liz presently teaches on the Myofascial Release for lumbo-pelvic region, hip and Lower limb course and assists on all courses provided by AMTA.